RGB Background

The Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) is an independent state agency established by the law N°56/2016 of 16/12/2016 establishing the Rwanda Governance Board and determining its mission, organization and functioning. With the aforementioned new law N°56/2016 of 16/12/2016 the mandate of RGB was expanded. It was given autonomy and additional responsibilities.

These include monitoring of service delivery in both public and private institutions, preserving, protecting and promoting the use of home-grown solutions in Rwanda, give pre-authorisation and follow up studies and research carried out in Rwanda on governance and home grown solutions; advising the Government on the implementation of the decentralization and capacity development policy; registration international non-governmental organisations and to monitor their operations, registration of political organisations and monitoring their operations and coordination and follow up the Joint Action Development Forum activities.

RGB has full independence in exercising its mission and has the powers to request for explanations relating to governance, performance and service delivery in public and private institutions and to request for administrative sanctions against defaulting institutions or staff members, to request for explanations, suspend registration certificate or revoke the legal personality to non-governmental organisations or faith-based organisations; to suspend or terminate the authorization of an international non-governmental institution to operate in Rwanda , to take actions against any political organization which fails to comply with the law and to certify that the means being used in Rwanda genuinely belong to home-grown solutions and hold accountable the person misusing it or using it without authorisation.

RGB submits its annual report to The President of the Republic of Rwanda and to the Parliament, both chambers with a Copy to the Prime Minister's Office and the Supreme Court.

Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) was formerly created in 2011 from the merging of former Rwanda Governance Advisory Council (RGAC) and the National Decentralization Implementation Secretariat (NDIS). 

For more details, download the Law here.