The Functions of Research Department

The Department of Research has the main duties to implement the institutional mission related to governance research in order to generate accurate data to inform national policies, plans, strategies and programs. Therefore, the core business of the research department is two-folded:

-       To conduct research on governance in Rwanda, explore citizens’ perception with service delivery and disseminate the findings;

-       To give pre-authorization and follow up studies and research carried out in Rwanda on governance and home grown solutions whether by Rwandan or foreigner;


The department of research comprises three pools:

1.    Global Governance Research and E-Governance

Global Governance Research focuses on researches conducted by other research institutions on Governance, both foreign and local ones, with the objective to consistently assess how Rwanda is perceived and presented globally as well as emulate good practices to inspire RGB’s domestic studies.  This pool conducts regular analysis of international indexes in various domains in order to compare with studies conducted locally.

Rwanda Governance Scorecard is one of the products under this pool

In addition, this pool also deals with the promotion of E-governance through assessments meant to draw recommendations of how online services across all governance sectors should be spearheaded in order to achieve national targets in this endeavour. Some of the tools established under this pool include

The Local Governance profile Centre (LGPC) that is an online system used to avail data on governance indicators for decentralised entities.

 2.    Applied Governance Research


The Pool of Applied Governance Research deals with research aiming at finding solutions for different problems identified in Governance area using empirical methodologies. Rwanda Governance Board uses applied Governance research as one of the tools aiming at addressing specific issues of Governance in Rwanda.

The most popular product of Applied Governance Research is the annual perception survey on citizen’s satisfaction with service delivery in various sectors known as Citizen Report Card.

3.    Innovation and Governance

Home-grown Solutions have played a vital role in the socioeconomic reconstruction journey of Rwanda after the horrific 1994 Genocide against Tutsis. Therefore , the Pool of governance Innovation conducts researches related to Rwanda’s innovations in order to consistently evaluate how they are impacting the lives of Rwandans and their general contribution  the country’s progress. Research on governance innovations are also conducted in order to assess whether a given innovation qualifies to called a Home-Grown Solution.