This department is divided into two divisions:

-  Service delivery Division

-  Good Governance and JADF Division

The main functions of the department include:

-   To monitor service delivery and compliance with the principles of good governance in public and private sector as well as in non-governmental organisations;

-  To advise the government on the implementation of the decentralization and capacity development policy and on activities meant for building the capacity of decentralized entities;

-  To promote principles of good governance, democracy, performance and quality services delivery and advise the government and other concerned institutions thereof;

-  To advise the government on policies and strategies related to the promotion of excellent performance and good governance that enhance the country’s development;

-  To provide views, upon request or at its own initiative, to administrative organs on laws that are in force in the country or on draft laws so as to ensure compliance with governance fundamental principles;

-  To put in place strategies to mobilize the citizens on their participation to interventions meant for them and accountability in respect thereof;

-  To monitor good governance principles and practices in service delivery

-  To coordinate and follow up the Joint Action Development Forum (JADF) activities;

-  To monitor the functioning of JADF Secretariat at district level;

-  To ensure that JADF Action Plans in Districts are harmonized with JADF national strategic plan.