Corporate Services & Special Programs Division

Corporate services are basically dealing with issues related to :

  • Finance ;
  • Logistics ;
  • Procurement ;
  • ICT ;
  • Central secretariat ;
  • Planning and Human resource. The department of corporate services gives support to all RGB activities.

Special Programs :

1. Joint Governance Assessment (JGA)
Joint Governance Assessment, using jointly agreed indicators by Government of Rwanda and its development partners, aims at assessing governance issues in Rwanda. It is therefore to engage international partners and stakeholders on governance matters.

  • To undertake a thorough and rigorous analysis of extinguish institutions, laws and practices affecting governance in Rwanda, and propose policy improvement ;
  • To jointly define and monitor indicators to measure performance, asses progress, highlight weakness and establish priorities for action.

2. Policy Dialogue
This program engages, at national level, stakeholders including CSOs, Media and academia, to enhance their participation and voice in policy formulation. Policy dialogue is considered as one of the best practices of good governance and accountability towards sustainable development of the country. RGB regularly organizes different policy dialogues in different domains in order to engage its stakeholders in providing advice and recommendations related to policy formulation.

3. Mobile School of Governance (MSG)
Mobile School of Governance (MSG) is an innovation project of RGB targeting local communities. Its primary objective is to enhance good governance standards in Rwanda through empowering local leaders and non-state actors with knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently respond to the demands of citizens geared towards national and social development. MSG aims at increasing civic participation in local governance issues and in the process, enhance local leaders’ accountability and responsiveness to citizen’s demands and voices.

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