Joint Action Development Forum (JADF) was established in 2007 by the Ministerial Instructions No. 04/07 of 15/07/2007 to serve as a consultative forum for District Development Stakeholders (CSOs, NGOs, Development Partners, Private and Public Sectors and Local Government).
JADF operates in all the 30 Districts where at every District there is a Permanent Officer in charge of day to day operations of JADF. In the beginning, JADF operational framework was Chaired by the Vice Mayor in charge of Finance and Economic Development but with time as JADF evolved in its operations at District level, members decided to elect any competent member to Chair JADF outside of the District administration and influence. Currently, around 20 District JADFs Committees are chaired by officials from different NGOs/CSOs operating in those Districts.
In order to have a strong and efficient JADF framework right from National Stakeholders to District and Sector levels, it was proposed that Prime Minister’s Instructions should establish and determine the organization, functioning and responsibilities of JADF organs. These Instructions would empower and give authority to the Forum in its mandate of promoting participatory planning, dialogue, information sharing, ensure equitable distribution of development activities and avoiding duplication of efforts in Local Governments.
Previous Ministerial Instructions No. 04/07 of 15/07/2007 that established JADF would not be applied to regulate the new proposed JADF institutional and operational framework that require Hon. Minister of Local Government to Chair the National Steering Committee which will bring together Central and Local Government Authorities, Private Sector, Development Partners and NGOs/CSOs representatives hence, the Minister cannot put in place Instructions regulating his actions ; It is on this basis that Stakeholders in the implementation of Decentralization Policy opted for Prime Minister’s Instructions to regulate JADF framework.
In addition to this, for effective operationalization and utilization of JADF framework by other Sector Ministries, it was sought that for all Ministries and their Affiliate Agencies to be on board and effectively partner with JADF stakeholders in financing and implementing their respective interventions in Decentralized entities requires a regulatory framework hence Prime Minister’s Instructions to this effect. Joint Action Development Forum is one of the key government priorities in Seven Years Government Program and EDPRS II, therefore for purposes of sustainability and successful implementation of the program ; it should be clearly embedded in other government programs that are financed through general budget support hence need for Prime Minister’s Instructions regulating JADF operational framework.
The ultimate goal of JADF program is to improve and create sustainable economic development ; service delivery and domestic accountability in local communities and building national development management capacity. In the medium-term, the JADF Strengthening Program was expected to have the intermediate purpose of strengthening the capacity of JADF to work with local communities to achieve the goals of this program.
The envisaged direct or immediate outcomes/strategic objectives were :
1. Creating an enabling environment for JADF mechanism ;
2. Local organizations at Sector and District level have voice and promote active citizenship ;
3. Service providers and LGs at sector and district level are responsive and accountable to the public and other clients, Improved coordination of JADF and its thematic commissions through effective facilitation and management leading to better service delivery and local economic development ;
4. Improved coordination of JADF and its thematic commissions through effective facilitation and management leading to better service delivery and local economic development, and continued improvements of JADF operations by learning from best practices.

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