Media Houses & Associations Unit

The reforms undertaken in media sector have resulted into a fast-growing media pluralism shaped with the growing number of media houses. This trend is also accompanied by the creation of media associations by journalists intending to specialize in a common field of interest. Thus, the Media houses and Associations Unit has the following responsibilities;

-          To regularly monitor and evaluate the performance of Media Houses and Associations,

-          To support Journalists Associations in their planning, budgeting and reporting processes for effective and efficient resource utilization;

-          Provide initial funding for self-regulatory Body,

-          To develop a strategic engagement plan with the public, media representatives and external Media Organizations;

-          Develop action plan to enhance partnerships with external Media Organizations

-          To identify strengths and weaknesses in the management of Media houses and Associations and propose measures to address them;

-          To provide incentives to Journalists to encourage professionalism and Ethical conduct through Annual Development Journalism Awards,

-          To establish partnerships between Regional and International media associations and other organizations and Rwanda’s media houses and associations,

-          Initiate project proposals to strengthen Rwanda Media sector,

-          Compile report on impact assessment of Grants and other forms of support to Media Houses and Associations




Director of Media Houses and Associations Unit