About Home Grown Solutions Division

Rwanda’s Home Grown Solutions (HGSs) are governance innovations that provide unconventional responses to societal challenges unlikely to be addressed through conventional means. HGSs are based on national heritage, historical consciousness and strive for self-reliance. HGSs have been enablers for [stability and accountability] but also drivers of socio-economic transformation in Rwanda.

Rwanda Governance Board is mandated as the custodian of all HGSs. The Division of Home-Grown Solutions is divided into two units namely:

-       Home-grown Solutions and Knowledge Management Unit

-       Home-grown Solutions Promotion and Documentation Unit

The main functions of the department include:

     - To preserve, protect and promote the use of home-grown solutions in Rwanda;

     - To devise strategies meant for applying home-grown solutions efficiently;

     - To give pre-authorisation and follow up studies and research carried out in Rwanda on home    grown solutions whether by Rwandan or foreigner.


HGS Division is one of RGB divisions under the supervision of the Deputy CEO’s office, it has 2 Units:

- HGS & GP Knowledge Management Unit

- HGS & GP Promotion and Documentation Unit


HGS Division's main functions include:

- Documentation & Promotion of HGS & GP,

- Research, publications and dissemination of HGS & GP,

- Protection and preservation of HGS & GP,

- Coordination of national and international study tours,

- Advisory services to strengthen Institutions in charge of HGS & GP, 

- Follow up researches carried out in Rwanda around HGS & GP.