In the Organic Law No.56/2016 of 16/12/2016 establishing the Rwanda Governance Board and determining its mission, organization and functioning; one of the mission components of RGB is to give the pre-authorization and follow up studies and research carried out in Rwanda on governance and home grown solutions whether by Rwandans or foreigners;


The same law in its article 6, paragraph 5 gives RGB the power to certify that the means being used in Rwanda genuinely belong to home-grown solutions and hold accountable the person misusing it or using it without authorisation.


The review and approval of RGB is focused on the necessity and quality of the methodologies to be used. The purpose of the review is to ensure the accuracy of the data to be generated from the research following standard procedures/methodology.

Type of Service


Research pre-authorization to Researcher (s) on Governance and Home Grown Solutions in Rwanda. Researcher (s) is (are) required to apply for Research pre-authorization on topics pertaining to Rwanda governance or Rwanda’s Home Grown Solutions (HGSs). Researcher (s) is (are) required to apply for Research pre-authorization; this could be done online by downloading the form available on RGB website under e-service, apply for preauthorization survey form and sent the entire supporting document along with the required form to the following email address: or application file in hard copy submitted to RGB.

Document to be reviewed:

- Objective of the study

- Methodology of the Study in details

- Questionnaire

- Study calendar and budget

- CV of the Researcher (s)

- Application letter addressed to the CEO of RGB

- Affiliation letter of the institution in Rwanda and recommendation letter from home institution

Reasons for Review:

The purpose of the review is to ensure the accuracy of data to be generated from the survey following qualitative research standards. Likewise, the review intends to avoid duplication that will lead to undue response burden to the individuals, institutions or waste of resources.

Department to be approached

Department of Research

When to access the service

- Online application: Every day 24/7

- Hard copy: During working hours only from Monday-Friday: 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Concerned entities or individuals

Researchers including research institutions and individuals from and outside Rwanda and those who are not staff or students of Rwandan Higher Learning Institutions or research institutions.

Cost of the Service

Free of charge

Time for submission of Application

Application should be submitted at least one (01) month before the
commencement of the field research work. Due to the nature of research, we
recommend Applicant to apply 02 months before the commencement of the
field research work.

Documents to accompany the application

Applicants must fill in a pre-authorization form and which must be submitted and accompanied by the following:

- A comprehensive Curriculum Vitae of the applicant (institutions or individual)

- A comprehensive project proposal,

- Two current passport size photographs and a copy of Passport/ID for Rwandans;

- A recommendation letter from the home university/organization/institution stating the title and importance of the proposed research including details of contact person. The recommendation letter should also specify if the research is sponsored or self-funded.


Other institutions the applicant needs to visit to access the service (e.g. for payment of service costs or to get additional document)

NB: In case the Research requires ethical clearance and the visa from National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda please engage with the concerned Institutions.

Complaint procedure

Where necessary a complaint letter can be sent to the CEO of Rwanda Governance Board.

Additional information regarding this service

For any additional information regarding this service, one can refer to the Law No 56/2016 of 16/12/2016 establishing the Rwanda Governance Board and determining its mission, organization and functioning.


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1- National_Researchers_Application_Form (.xlsx)

2- International_Researchers_Application_Form (.xlsx)