Governance Scorecard

The Rwanda Governance Scorecard (RGS) is an annual publication of the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) that seeks to accurately gauge the state of governance in Rwanda. The RGS is a comprehensive governance assessment tool constructed from data based on over 200 questions, which are structured based on a set of 8 indicators, 35 sub-indicators and 143 sub-sub-indicators. This initiative reflects a continued commitment to evidence-based policies and objective self-assessment in order to identify areas for improvement and drive policy reforms.

It has now become customary for Rwanda to produce evidence of its rapid economic development in various domains, including governance, to feed and inform a number of external comparative assessments. A unique and significant aspect of the RGS vis-à-vis external assessments is that it utilizes a plethora of new, locally-generated data sources, such as citizen perception surveys and detailed institutional data, which are often not considered by external indexes.

The RGS thus seeks to meet the following objectives :

- To generate credible and reliable data on governance issues for national and international stakeholders ;

- To serve as a practical tool that will drive policy reform through the identification of areas for improvement and actionable recommendations ;

- To contribute to current knowledge about governance in Rwanda.


The methodology of the RGS aims at combining a firm foundation in international standards with an in-depth understanding of the Rwandan context. Thus, primary data sources of the RGS 2012 comprise the assessments of Rwandans themselves, both citizens and experts, as well as, verified hard data from Rwandan institutions. The RGS 2012 recently launched (on 31st July, 2013) and published is the second of its kind, after the RGB (then Rwanda Governance Advisory Council-RGAC) published the RGS 2010 in June 2011. This second edition captures data for 2011 (It is comprised of data collected between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011). The dissemination process in and outside the country is in preparation.


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