Rwanda Media Barometer

The Rwanda Media Barometer (RMB) was established with the central goal of setting up a comprehensive framework of media development to be used for regular monitoring and assessment of the state of media in Rwanda. It is expected that such an assessment will allow, overtime, to identify gaps in terms of media policies, laws, capacities, values and practices that need to be filled in a bid to promote a very highly performing and sustainable media industry, serving as a key driver of the country holistic development.

The RMB is the first of the kind and comes at the right time. As a matter of fact, it has been conducted while not only a number of media reforms were underway, but also an increase in media outlets (especially the broadcasting sector) proves to be visible. One of the many merits of this barometer resides both in its participatory approach and its triangulation of data sources and methods. It has been participatory in that various media stakeholders were regularly associated in providing their inputs and comments throughout the whole process and eventually validated each and every step. As regards the triangulation, one should note that researchers resorted to a variety of methods (questionnaire survey, key informants interviews, focus group discussions and desk research ), while media practitioners and managers, ordinary people, civil society organizations, selected government officials and development partners provided relevant data and information.

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