Governance Practice and Policy Research

Conducting evidence based researches and monitoring is a core activity assigned to RGB. To this end, RGB conducts regular researches related to governance issues :

  • Regular researches related to governance issues
  • Citizen Report Card (CRC)

Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) undertakes regular assessments to ascertain the levels of community satisfaction with regard to services rendered. 
The survey is conducted using the Citizens‟ Report cards (CRC) approach which involves the use of questionnaires to interview individual heads of households as well as conducting community focus group discussions of the service beneficiaries and service providers on each service sector.

  • Rwanda Governance Scorecard (RGS)

The Rwanda Governance Scorecard (RGS) is the annual publication of the Rwanda Governance Board and seeks to accurately gauge the state of governance in Rwanda. RGS is a comprehensive governance assessment tool constructed from data for over 200 questions which are structured around a set of 8 indicators, 37 sub-indicators and 139 sub-sub-indications. The initiative reflects a commitment to evidence-based policies and objective self-assessment in order to identify areas for improvement and drive policy reforms.

  • Rwanda Media Development Barometer

The Rwanda Media Development Barometer was recently assigned to RGB as a result of shifting the activities of the former Ministry in charge of information to the Ministry of Local Government and Social affairs (MINALOC). It is in this framework that RGB was assigned to conduct regular studies related to Rwanda Media Barometer. Apart this activity, RGB is also in charge of coordination of self regulation of Journalists.

  • Rwanda Governance Review is a Journal of Rwanda Governance Board.

It is a leading and informative journal for emerging trends in policy and political developments ; the Rwanda Governance Review (RGR) is devoted to governance analysis in Rwanda and beyond. RGR is quarterly publishing peer-reviewed research and analysis on policy formulation and implementation in political, public and corporate governance. Rwanda Governance Review is particularly appeal to Rwanda policymakers, scholars, practioners, development partners, international experts, and anyone needing the newest and evidence based directions in Rwanda’s governance and policy.

Ad hoc Researches according to the needs or per request of Stakeholders

Following the realities observed on ground, RGB takes initiative of conducting researches in order to address existing problems in different sectors. Different Stakeholders can also require RGB to conduct researches on their behalf in order to address their specific problems related to governance. Some of studies conducted in this framework are :

  • Governance for Production and Development ;
  • Land Management survey (Land Use Consolidation ;
  • Crops Intensification Program and Rural Settlement) ;
  • Survey on Performance of Mediation Committees
  • Developing standard service charters for Local government entities ;
  • Land Management and Administration in Kigali City.

Governance Database System

As RGB’s researches are basically evidence based, the institution decided to create a system that will facilitate to capture and update all data related to governance issues. The local governance database management system (LGMS) was created for this purpose. Because the LGMS is web based system, it was necessary to establish a server which is hosting and managing the collected data. Furthermore, the system is facilitating the task of local government of gathering data using different formats from different institutions.

Policy Dialogue

Policy dialogue is considered as one of the best practices of good governance and accountability towards sustainable development of the country. RGB organizes regularly different policy dialogues in different domains in order to engage its stakeholders in providing advices and recommendations related to policy formulation to policy makers.

Conferences (National and International) and Panel Discussions on Governance.

In order to disseminate its research findings, RGB organizes panel discussions and conferences both national as well as international in order to facilitate policy formulation for decision makers.

Rwanda Governance Board also analyzes some of the International Indexes and publications on Governance issues.

Rwanda’ Performance on Legatum Prosperity Index 2011 : An Insight from within

The Legatum Prosperity Index is an annual ranking that covers 110 countries. The Legatum Institute, the publisher of the index, is a privately-funded think-tank founded in 2007. It is located in Mayfair, London. The index which is reviewed by an advisory panel of academics and scholars helps situate governance assessment based on income and wellbeing.

Making use of Mo Ibrahim report 2012, an analysis of Rwanda’s performance

It is again another end of year, where most of the annual publications come out. Like any annual publication this 2012 Ibrahim index of Africa Governance (IIAG) has appeared with some shifts in terms of scores and ranking in governance for African countries.

Rwanda Analysis on the legatum index | Political Governance Index

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