Governance and Service Delivery Monitoring

Service delivery is one of the 8 key governance Indicators developed by Rwanda Governance Board in Rwanda Governance Scorecard.

The Government of Rwanda recognizes the contribution that effective service delivery both in private as well in public sector would stimulate the country’s economy towards vision 2020. During the National Leadership Retreat of March, 2012 it was confirmed that improved service delivery is one of the pillars for attaining goals of vision 2020 of making Rwanda a knowledge based middle-income economy by 2020. To this end, the target pursued is to become the service hub in the region with the aim of ensuring a sustainable development.

It is in this framework that Rwanda Governance Board has a specific Unit in charge of Service Delivery Monitoring and Institutional performance assessment.

The core mandate of the unit is among others :

  • To establish service Delivery Monitoring system ;
  • To monitor service delivery both in public as well as in private sector ;
  • To conduct audit on service delivery in public sartor ;
  • To conduct inspection on Service delivery in local government ;
  • To monitor the implementation of Recommendations from different studies and policies on Governance issues ;
  • To assess the institutional performance of public institutions.
  • To carry out a performance audit of boards of directors of government agencies.

* Monitoring and Service Delivery

RGB conducts monitoring of recommendations formulated from different researches in order to make sure that all identified challenges or problems have been addressed by concerned actors.
Service delivery is considered as key tool towards economic development and competitiveness of Rwanda in liberalized economy. It is in this regards that service delivery is benefiting a particular attention in both in public as well as in private sector.

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