LG Capacity Building

Capacity Building for Local Governments is among the most important responsibility of RGB. Following the adoption of the CB Strategy in January 2011, its Implementation Plan was elaborated. The plan indicate clearly the 2 categories of activities, i.e. those related to skills development (including mandatory induction courses, leadership development training, specialized technical courses tailored to the post requirements and coaching) and institutional development.

The Local Government Capacity building unit aimed at strengthening LG Capacity is made up of the Director, the Local Government Human Resource Development officer, Organizational and Institutional Development officer and the LG Capacity building specialist. Under the supervision of the Deputy CEO in charge of Decentralization and Good Governance Promotion, the LG Capacity Building Unit work as a team of experts tasked with the implementation of the Decentralization Implementation Program (DIP). It focuses on Capacity Development of the Local Government. 
Core Functions of the Unit

  • Establish an inventory of who is doing what and where in decentralization capacity development at local level ;
  • Evaluate the functionality of local government structures and processes in order to propose improvements ;
  • Ensure periodic reporting of the Capacity Building interventions and outputs in the field of decentralization and provide relevant advice where necessary ;
  • Initiate and design a coordination mechanism among sector ministries concerning coordination of capacity building interventions related to implementation of decentralization policy ;
  • Facilitate the development of a system aimed at regularly assessing capacity gaps in the implementation of decentralization at local level ;
  • Ensure harmonization of different stakeholders’ approaches for Capacity Building of LGs with specific guidelines, manuals and toolboxes ;
  • Undertake any initiative to facilitate coordinated capacity building in decentralized entities ;
  • Facilitate the establishment of a network of trainers specialized in the field of decentralization to implement and continuously adapt training in decentralization.

Some achievements
Conducting LG capacity needs assessment and facilitating the development of LG capacity building plans is among activities assigned to the LG CB Unit. To this end, RGB conducts assessments related to LG Capacity building and facilitate the entire 30 district to elaborate their Capacity Building Plans.

A study on the functioning of District Councils covering the period between 2006 and 2010 that resulted into the formulation of the current District Council Capacity Building Plan.

The training of 290 District Councilors in “Leadership and participatory planning and budgeting” was conducted although the target is to train 843 in 3 years ending in 2015.

Coaching programme This originated from various assessments, evaluations and stakeholders meetings, which have emphasized persisting challenges and Capacity gaps in priority areas of LG action, particularly in the areas of planning and M&E, public finance management, infrastructure development management and cooperatives and enterprise development. The pilot phase of the coaching program in Public Finance management and planning was implemented in 10 Districts and resulted into the extension of the program to all district for the next 2 years.

Training of Governors, District Executive Committee, District Executive Secretaries and Directors of planning in “Leadership and result-based planning” was conducted.

In partnership with the Ministry of Local Government, RGB organized a training for Sector Executive Secretaries and all Directors at Province, City of Kigali and District levels on Leading for Results with Values and Ethics conducted by Singapore Experts and training on Attitude Change and Character Shaping facilitated by RDF Instructors. This training ran from 18th November to 5th December 2013 at GABIRO Combat Training Centre.

The training aimed to enable the local leaders achieve development target and aspirations from the country’s long term Planning, vision 2020 especially sector executive secretaries who are expected to continually provide high-quality services to the citizens, and ensure that the most critical needs of the community are being met through good leadership practices.

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