Sectoral Decentralization

Sectoral and Fiscal Decentralization Unit is one of the three Units which make up the decentralization and good governance promotion department. The Unit is charged with monitoring of sector and fiscal decentralization and providing advisory services thereof. 
The Unit’s activities are in line with the first pillar of the Rwanda’s vision 2020 of aiming at a State characterised by good governance and a capable state with focus on people’s empowerment and participation through the decentralization process. Under the third phase of the Decentralization policy which runs from 2011 to 2015, the Unit’s focus is on Local Economic Development, Sector Decentralization and Service delivery.

Core Functions of the Sectoral and Fiscal Decentralization unit

  • Strengthening engagements of Sector Ministries towards effective implementation of the decentralization policy,
  • Support the increased efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery by local governments,
  • Support the local government to attain an efficient and sustainable resource mobilization base
  • Advocate for provision of more resources for the equitable development at the local level,
  • Strengthen the planning and management capacity at the local level.
  • Ensure financial transparency and accountability in Local Governments, and monitor the implementation of OAG audit recommendations

Tools used by the Unit in order to deliver on its functions

  • PFM Peer review Mechanisms in the local government which aims at supporting the LGs in the attainment of Clean Audit Report.
  • Strengthening of PFM Committees at the Province, District and sector levels by providing capacity building support.
  • Self-reliance Campaigns in the local government which serves as a forum for decentralization stakeholder’s dialogue on enhancing LED and own revenues.
  • Studies aimed at assessing the status of implementing the decentralization policy and providing appropriate recommendations.
  • PFM Inspections in the local government which are jointly conducted by RGB, MINALOC and MINECOFIN.


  • The Unit conducted a study on Sectoral Decentralization which aimed at making a comprehensive analysis of current status of sectoral decentralization in Rwanda which gave recommendations for effective implementation of the decentralization policy.
  • The Unit has initiated and institutionalized the practice of Public Finance Management peer review mechanism(PFM/PRM) in all Provinces and the City of Kigali which strengthened the capacity of internal auditors and management as a whole as well as sharing of best practices in between the districts ;
  • The Unit has redefined the Concept of “Kwigira Campaign” and rolled it out to two Provinces and the City of Kigali. The campaign will be conducted in all Provinces and cascaded down to all Districts. The campaigns have proved to provide excellent forums of decentralization stakeholders for discussing practical strategies and actions of raising local government own revenues and enhancement of local economic initiatives in all Districts
  • Through a partnership with GIZ Sector Network of good governance in Sub-Saharan Africa (GGA) which was entered into by signing an MOU between RGB and GIZ/GGA, the Unit has organized and conducted an International Symposium on Accountable Governance and Decentralization which was held in Rwanda from 10th to 14th March 2014. The purpose of the International Symposium was to provide a retrospective assessment of the decentralization process in Rwanda as well as governance and other people centred approaches to development in Africa, with focus on Accountability and Decentralization and draw lessons for better future prospects. The symposium also provided an opportunity for celebrating a decade of decentralization in Rwanda and gave actionable recommendations which will help on improving decentralized governance among the participating countries.
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