Legally registered CSOs in Rwanda to benefit from the second batch of grants

Posted on 06.02.2017

Rwanda Governance Board has launched call for proposals for the second phase of grants to local Civil Society organisations. The grants, given under a 5 year RGB - One UN Rwanda joint program, are aimed at strengthening civil society for responsive and accountable governance practices in Rwanda.

The call was officially made on 2nd February 2017, during an informative meeting held at Lemigo Hotel, aimed at presenting requirements for a Civil Society organization to successfully secure the grant.

Started in 2013, the program saw 45 CSOs supported in the first phase.

In his remarks, Prof. Anastase Shyaka, the Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Governance Board, said that grants are meant to improve the lives of Rwandans.

These grants are not gifts to CSOs, they are given to them because we realized that they [CSOs] are capable and willing to serve our citizens,” he said.

Grants will fund projects featuring in the following ten priority areas: Human rights and gender equality; Family Cohesion, Child Protection, anti-SGBV & Child Abuse; Legal aid and mediation; Civic education and voter’s education; Social protection, public health; Extension services in agriculture and livestock.

Other categories to be funded also include: Citizen participation, accountability and service delivery; Cooperatives development, youth, employment, and culture promotion; Support capacity building of organizations, including in the media sector and Protection of the environment for green growth and climate resilience.

According to One UN Rwanda, the extension of grants is a proof of the very good results achieved so far, and the importance given to citizen participation and empowerment policies in building a peaceful and democratic society.

“Building up a vibrant civil society takes time and cannot be done overnight. Step by step, we are making progress as we are heading into the right direction,” stated Dr. Lamin Manneh, the One UN Rwanda Resident Coordinator.

He also pledged their continued support to build the CSOs capacity.

“At the United Nations, we are deeply convinced that a vibrant civil society is essential in any democratic society to foster accountable governance,” stressed Dr. Lamin.

As per the regulation, CSOs are expected to apply to these grants before 28th February 2017, 11:00 am. Applicant CSOs will have to present their project proposals, which will be evaluated by a selection committee. All legally registered CSOs are eligible to apply. More details about the grants are available at RGB and One UN Rwanda websites.

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